1. humansofnewyork:

    “I grew up in this house. I was actually standing right here when I first saw my husband. I was ten years old, and he came riding by on his bike, and I said: ‘I want to know that boy!’” 
    “Is he inside?”
    “He passed away in 2000. But we had 37 good years together.” 

  3. humansofnewyork:

    “Right now I’m not even sure if college is for me.”
    “Why’s that?”
    “Well, I’m going to sound a bit like a hippy… but everyone tells you to ‘follow your own path,’ then you’re put into an institution where you’re funneled down these predetermined tracks. Then you’re packaged up and regurgitated back into society. Like you’re a GI Joe. Or a Barbie.” 

    That guy explains it all !


  7. omama4:

    Fear. That little monster that lives within and feeds of our hopes and dreams !

    What do you fear? for me I’m afraid of a lot of things !

    I’m afraid of mainly failure ! I’m afraid that I will not live up to my potential. I’m afraid of not being loved, understood and to be wrongly judged….

  8.  Graffiti Gardening

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